Plastic Facebook ID Card PVC RFID Chip Card Magnetic Stripe Card
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Plastic Facebook ID Card PVC RFID Chip Card Magnetic Stripe Card

Product Description
Men Wallet Secure Card ,Visa Credit Card Protector , RFID Blocking Material PVC Card  
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* The blocking card is the size of a credit card that is designed to protect personal information stored on high frequency(13.56MHz) smart card

* Such as credit cards,debit cards,RFID driver’s licenses,identification cards,passports,membership cards and any other RFID Card from e-pickpocket thieves using handle RFID scanners.

Working Principle

* The blocking card needs no battery.

* RFID Blocking Card is composed of a mixture of metals that disrupt the scanner from reading the RFID signals.There are outside and inside coating that is not rigid,so the card is very flexible.


RFID Blocking Card Protect your ID Information




85.5*54mm, thickness 0.9-1.2mm / standard or customized size


HF 13.56MHz


ISO14443A / ISO15693


CMYK Offset Printing / Silkscreen or customized


Protect your payment card,bank card,ID card,IC card,passport,etc.


Free samples are available for testing.


*Simply carry this blocking card in your wallet and money clip and all 13.56MHz cards within range of its E-Field will be protect.

*RFID smart cards from being illegally scanned


* High data integrity,fast data transfer.

* Write endurance typical at least 100000 cycles.

* Data retention of 10 years.

* Anti-shock,waterproof and stable.


*The attached picture is only for reference.

*We provide services of designing and manufacturing according to customer requirements.

*We can do customer program as per client's request.

* Anti-theft is the main function of such blocking card.

* Just put one card into your wallet to protect all your important credit cards from being scanning.

* Keep your Data Safe

The RFID Blocking Card keeps your data safe from remote scanning.

With RFID Blocking Card innovation aluminum-line interior,you can be sure that your card numbers,address,and other critical personal information is safe from nearby Radio Frequency Identification(RFID) scanners.