Mobile phone block signal bags key fob Card Holder Bag wallet
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Mobile phone block signal bags key fob Card Holder Bag wallet

Product Description
Product Description

Material Leather+Blocking material
Size 14.5*9 cm or customized
Working Temperature -20 ~ 85 ℃
Working Life 10 years
Artworks logo printing, stamping, Embossed, Debossed,etc
Working methord Hand made


RFID signal blocking, Car key signal blocking, Mobile signal blocking, GPS signal blocking, Wifi signal blocking,Bluetooth signal blocking,Anti-radiation, Anti-magnetic, Anti-tracking,etc

How important to have a Signal Blocking case/holder                                

Signal-blocking case/holder are designed to help insulate you from a very particular brand of electronic

pickpocketing, called RFID/Signal skimming. The concern is that some credit cards, passports, and driver’s

licenses now come with embedded radio frequency identification chips. When activated by an RFID reader,

these chips transmit certain types of information wirelessly, so that you can verify your identity or even make

a purchase without swiping your card.  The downside: Anyone with an RFID reader can activate those

chips and pick up whatever information they’re designed to transmit. And, if they’re sneaky about it, they

can do it without your knowledge.

Hackers have made headlines over the years by demonstrating how a handheld RFID reader can “skim”

sensitive information from people’s cards at a distance of several feet. They can get your name and

country of origin from your passport. More alarmingly, in some demonstrations, RFID skimmers have

collected whole credit card numbers from the pockets of passersby. RFID-blocking case/holder are designed

to impede your cards’ RFID signals, making them harder to read remotely.

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