ID Security NFC Blocking Card / Signal RFID Blocker
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ID Security NFC Blocking Card / Signal RFID Blocker

Product Description

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Protect your ID card, credit card, debit card, e-passport, drivers' licenses

ID Security NFC Blocking Card  / RFID Signal Blocker

Product Description

How Does it Work?

A microchip located inside the RFID Blocking Card Protect detects RFID scanners and emits white noise to mask your credit, debit, and other smart cards containing RFID chips. The device also has a radio frequency blocking component to provide further protection against hackers. RFID Blocking Card Protect does not need batteries; just place it in the outermost area of your wallet or purse behind your cards, and let the microchip do the rest.

Data of our RFID Blocking card

  • Security. RFID Blocking Card is powered by E-Field technology, which jams and scrambles RFID \ NFC signals, protecting your personal information from unauthorized scans.

  • Effective. One card does it all to protect all the cards in your wallet. No double cards required!

  • Efficient. Simply slide the card in your wallet for instant protection to all of your cards.

  • Compact. Credit card protector fits snugly in your wallet or purse for ultimate space-saving.

  • Verifiable. Download the "NFC TOOLS" app on your Android, and watch SignalRed do its job for yourself.

Product Specification

Item RFID Blocking Card
Material PVC + electronic blocking mould + PVC
Size 85.5*54, credit card size
Blocking Frequency 13.56mhz
Blocking Effect one blocking card protect all data cards on your wallet
Printing Custom design comes from you, we do unique printing100% on your request
Free Sample Available for your 100% testing
Application protect your personal info stored on cards or on passport, driver's licenses
Usage put it on your wallet or money clip
Feature Anti e-pickpocket, anti signal scanner

RFID Blocking Card

ID Security NFC Blocking Card / Signal RFID Blocker   ID Security NFC Blocking Card / Signal RFID Blocker  

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