Eco-friendly polyester fabric rfid nfc wristband for events
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Eco-friendly polyester fabric rfid nfc wristband for events

Product Description

Eco-friendly polyester fabric rfid nfc wristband for events

Product Description



NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data such as text or numbers between two NFC enabled devices.  

The term NFC tag is commonly used for a passive NFC tag. Examples of passive NFC tags are NFC Inlays, NFC Stickers, NFC Epoxy Tag,NFC Smart Card,NFC Wristbands and other converted NFC products.

RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) technology provides simplicity for Logistics, Identification, Assets Tracking, Inventory Management, even in e-Payment, E-ticket etc., with a low cost paper label tag.

With the advance of UHF technology , it is become more prosperity in applications in Aviation, healthcare, retail apparel, supply Chain, even in emerging technologies.

RFID Woven Wristband

RFID NFC wristbands are flexible, waterproof and have a comfortable feel. They are offered in adult, youth and child size. They also can come equipped with your logo, as well as a choice from one of our many color offerings.

RFID NFC wristband are ideal for annual membership clubs, seasonal pass destination, or exclusive/VIP clubs.

Additionally, we can coustiomize the wristband with cmyk printing, laser number, qr code, different plastic/metal sliders are available as well. Call one of our rfid wristband experts to assist you with the right RFID wristband to meet your requestment.


180*25mm, 200*25mm, or customized


Woven band+ PVC rfid tag

Available crafts:

1. Wristband: Full color sublimation printing

2. Tag: CMYK printing

3. Slider: one time use, reusable, plastic, metal

4. Customized logo printing, laser number, qr code printing

5. Encoding, make ID excel file

Available chips:

LF: 125 KHz,HF: 13.56 MHz,UHF: 860-960

Features of chips:

Reading distance of chips are:

Low frequency: 1-5 cm, with small memory, widely applied in animal tracking, parking system, etc.

High frequency: 2-10 cm, with big memory, is widely applied in various fields.

Ultra high frequency: 1-10 m, the most sensitive, easy to be affected by humidity, dust, temperature, etc

Application :

Festival, event, vocal concert, party, campaign, entrance ticket, etc

Eco-friendly polyester fabric rfid nfc wristband for events  

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