Dallas iButton DS1990 Key Tag
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Dallas iButton DS1990 Key Tag

Product Description
Dallas iButton DS1990 Key Tag

Electronic Key Touch Momery iButton DS1990/TM1990/RW2004

Product Description

What is an iButton?

---- An iButton is a computer chip which is enclosed in a 16mm thick durable weather resistant stainless steel can. Because of their small size and extreme durability, iButtons can travel virtually anywhere.


How does an iButton communicate?

The iButton is a slave device and requires a master to initiate communication to it. A master can be a PC or a micro processor. With the master constantly polling the iButtons, communication to iButtons can be started by a simple touch to a 1-Wire interface called a Blue Dot Receptor. Every iButton has a unique 64-bit serial number, which gives it a unique 1-Wire network address.

What are iButtons being used for?

iButtons are frequently attached to key fobs, rings, watches, or other personal items for applications such as access control to buildings and computers. Additionally, iButtons are commonly mounted to storage crates, trucks, and other equipment for asset management. Furthermore, iButtons are mounted to refrigeration units, outdoor environments, and even to animals for various data logging tasks

Please kindly advise the type when you inquiry or order.

Specification of iButton Key
Material ABS+Stainless Steel
Size diameter 16.25mm*5.89mm

TM1990. TM1990A-F5 -read only

RW1990, RW2004 - read &write

Feature Waterproof, shakeproof ,heat-resistant,dust-resistant
Application Access Control
Inventory Control
Tool Management
Work-in-Progress Tracking
  • Can Be Read in Less Than 5ms

  • Operating Range: 2.8V to 6.0V, -40°C to +85°C

  • Capacity:

read time 350,000 times
Life Time 10years
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Dallas iButton DS1990 Key Tag