Custom 2.12*12mm animal microchips 134.2 Khz rewritable chip glass tube for Dogs
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Custom 2.12*12mm animal microchips 134.2 Khz rewritable chip glass tube for Dogs

Product Description

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Animal Microchip

Animal RFID Microchip

is a passive glass transponder especially designed for fish and animal identification.

It's a world standard Pit tag used on millions of animals and fish around the world.

ISO Standard Microchip

In compliance to ISO 11784 /11785 fdx-b. and it will work perfectly together with other equipment and products using the standard.

The most common

and widely approved microchip in the world. Used by governments, institutions, the fish industry, for animal identification, scientific research and wild life management.

For Fish &  animal identification

that requires a unique id, a dependable system and reliability.  A microchip with unmatched quality that is built to last for years to come.

Common Applications

- Microchip for tagging fish & salmon.

- Laboratory identification of lab mouse, mice & rat instead of ear tags.

- Scientific research and studies of animal populations.

- Game and Wild life management.

Product Specification

Chip EM4305,4102, TK4100
Frequency 125KHz / 134.2KHz
Standard compliance with iso 11784,11785 standard
Size 1.4x8mm, 2x8mm, 12x8mm, 3x15mm
Material bio-coating,bioglass,antibacterial,antiallergic
working temperature minus20 ℃~50℃; storage temperature:-40 ℃~70℃
Working durability more than 20 years;rewritable times: more than 1000000 times
Reading distance 1-10CM
Sample Free available for testing
Application animal identification/tracking

Custom 2.12*12mm animal microchips 134.2 Khz rewritable chip glass tube for Dogs  


Q:  What is Microchip?

A: A microchip implant is an identifying integrated circuit placed under the skin of an animal. The chip, about the size of a large grain of rice, uses passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, and is also known as a PIT (Passive Integrated Transponder) tag.

Q:Why is animal microchip so popular? Where it  is used for ?

Animal shelters, animal control officers and veterinarians routinely look for microchips to return lost pets quickly to their owners, avoiding expenses for housing, food, medical care, outplacing and euthanasia. Many shelters place chips in all outplaced animals.

Microchips are also used by kennels, breeders, brokers, trainers, registries, rescue groups, humane societies, clinics, farms, stables, animal clubs and associations, researchers, and pet stores.

Q: How to use microchip for pet tracking?

A: An enrollment form is completed with chip ID, owner contact information, pet name and description, shelter and/or veterinarian contact information, and an alternate emergency contact designated by the pet owner. etc.  The form is sent to a registry, who may be the chip manufacturer, distributor or an independent entity such as a pet recovery service. Some countries have a single official national database.

Q: How does pet microchip work?

A: A microchip implant is a passive RFID device. Lacking an internal power source, it remains inert until it is powered by the scanner.

Most implants contain three elements: a 'chip' or integrated circuit; a coil inductor, possibly with a ferrite core; and a capacitor. The chip contains unique identification data and electronic circuits to encode that information. The coil acts as the secondary winding of atransformer, receiving power inductively coupled to it from the scanner. The coil and capacitor together form a resonant LC circuittuned to the frequency of the scanner's oscillating magnetic field to produce power for the chip. The chip then transmits its data back through the coil to the scanner.These components are encased in biocompatible soda lime or borosilicate glass and hermetically sealed. Barring rare complications, dogs and cats are unaffected by them.

Q: Does microchip come with a syringe or injector?

A: Yes.  You could buy independent microchip or microchip with syringe pack.

    We also have microchip with needles, which will be given reusable syringe for free.

Q: What is the delivery time of microchip implant?

A: Usually,  it need 3-5 working days for delivery.