Aluminum Safety Credit Card Protector RFID Blocking Sleeves to Block RFID / NFC Signals
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Aluminum Safety Credit Card Protector RFID Blocking Sleeves to Block RFID / NFC Signals

Product Description
Product Description
RFID Blocking Sleeves
Blocking Frequency
13.56 MHz
Aluminum Foil paper
Credit Card Sleeve: 88x59mm
Passport Holder: 140x110mm
Glossy/Matted/UV, etc
CMYK or Digital Printing
300 gsm or 200 gsm
Prevent RFID enables credit cards, payment cards, ID cards, driver's licenses and all RFID smart cards from being illegally scanned.
50pcs/bundle, 10pcs/bag or cusotmized on demand
Lead time
5-10 working days
Detailed Images

Why we need RFID identity theft protection sleeves?  

Today, identity theft is at your doorstep- freely people access confidential info, while government expansion on the use of RIFD chips to passports, passport cards, traditional debit cards, state id cards creates more opportunity for theft. New RFID tech can scan chips from 15 feet away in a container. It is not only necessary, but essential to protect yourself from your identity being hijacked, credit score being trashed, and worse things we're better off not imagining.


Advanced RFID SECURE Technology Against Identity Theft and Fraud.

-Advanced RFID blocking material

-Water- and tear-resistant

-Slim smart design, avoids taking up precious space in your wallet or purse

-Protect your privacy and secure your data

How do RFID blocking sleeves work?

This sleeves equipped with advanced RFID SECURE Technology, a unique metal composite, engineered specifically to block 13.56 MHz or higher RFID signals and protect the valuable information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scans and block the ability to scan the credit card number, license and passport. You should always have a protective sleeve covering them to avoid identity theft, especially in public transportation.


Directions for use:

Put your credit card into sleeve and you can enjoy a safe mind.  Feeling safe and secure with your family is very important.
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