What is the difference between Mifare Plus and Mifare Classic?
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What is the difference between Mifare Plus and Mifare Classic?

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Mifare Plus and Mifare Classic are NXP Mifare products. As a result of the security collapse of Mifare Classic, NXP released Mifare Plus, a new generation of contactless cards.

MIFARE cards meet the ISO14443A industry standard and, like other contactless cards, use an antenna and chip that react once they are within the magnetic field of the reader. MIFARE cards are manufactured by NXP Semiconductors (part of Phillips Electronics) and operate at 13.56MHz.

Mifare Plus benefits

Providing a compelling security upgrade to legacy infrastructure, MIFARE Plus is a gateway to new smart city applications. MIFARE Classic systems can be seamlessly upgraded with product-based installation and service.

The Mifare chip retains the memory model of the classic card, which is a 16-byte array of blocks organized into sectors of four or sixteen blocks. A sector-by-sector approach to security (and access control) is used. Its two main benefits are its new security scheme (EAL 4+ authentication), a password-based on a state-of-the-art 128-bit key, and its option for random ID-3, which addresses cardholder privacy concerns.

Features of KYE:

  • Compliant with ISO/IEC 14443A

  • The reading/writing distance is 10 cm (4 inches).

  • Multiple sourcing and a consistent product portfolio

  • 2K bytes or 4K bytes of memory

  • Support for random UIDs is optional; UID: 4 or 7

  • Support for 128-bit AES

  • Level EAL 4+ certification for common criteria

  • With MIFARE PLUS X, you can perform many expert commands, while with MIFARE PLUS S, you can migrate easily

  • Upgrade cards with higher security

  • Globally, it could be used in more than 40 different types of applications

The application

  • Automated fare collection

  • ID cards for staff

  • Management of access control

  • Payments made with contactless/cashless technology

  • Payment for parking

  • Student cards/campus cards

  • Cards of loyalty

  • Cards for tourists

  • Ticketing for transportation

  • Ticketing for events

  • Ticketing on mobile devices

  • Cards from the library

  • Cards for fuel

  • Key cards for hotels

  • Cards for taxis

  • Authentication of products

  • Control of production

  • Cards for car rentals

  • Management of car fleets

  • Cards for fuel

  • Cards that interact with the lottery

  • Card for Social Welfare

  • Management of waste

In conclusion.

You can choose the Mifare Classic chip if the security requirements are not too high, otherwise, it is recommended to choose the Mifare Plus chip, so do you choose that one?

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