What is an Electronic Product Code (EPC)?
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What is an Electronic Product Code (EPC)?

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Electronic Product Codes give every physical object in the world a unique identifier that makes it stand out from all other objects. Tracking and distinguishing items of all kinds is made possible by these codes!

What is an Electronic Product Code?

EPCs are barcodes that store data about individual items in the supply chain. A Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) contains 18 bits and 14 bits containing unique product identifiers, such as serial numbers or lot numbers.

RFID readers extract information from EPC codes and store it in databases. Using this data, items can be tracked from production to delivery. In addition to inventory management, the tag can also be used for customer service, such as providing detailed product descriptions or specifications.

Additionally, EPC technology allows manufacturers to monitor the condition of their shipments remotely during transit, ensuring greater control.

Basic Format of the EPC

ItemIntroductionHeaderIdentifies the length, type, structure, version, and generation of the EPCEPC Manager NumberObject ClassIdentifies a class of objectsSerial NumberIdentifies the instance number


RFID tags and EPC

The EPC is a unique serial number that enables the tracking of each item from the time it leaves the supplier to the time it reaches the consumer. RFID tags typically contain EPC codes, but labels and tags can also contain them.

Scanners extract all the information in EPC tags, such as origin and destination points, product type, size, weight, and price. As a result, inventory levels can be managed and business processes can be optimized throughout the supply chain based on this data.

What is the importance of EPC technology?

Managing today's vast and complex supply chains requires the use of Electronic Product Code (EPC) technology. In addition to efficient tracking and identification of items, it allows companies to accurately monitor their products throughout their entire lifecycle.

Moreover, EPC technology provides useful information about product types, origins, and destinations, as well as pricing. Businesses can use this information to optimize business processes and reduce costs associated with lost or damaged goods by making informed decisions regarding inventory management or customer service.

RFID chips also contain other useful information

Real-time visibility and a wealth of data are provided by RFID chips, revolutionizing supply chain traceability. A chip contains a TID number, an EAN code, or a GTIN code for product identification and packaging, as well as a SSCC number for pallet identification.

With sector-specific information, such as preferred consumption dates and production batches, plus anti-theft alarms on products intended for final consumers, RFID technology proves its expertise when it comes to tracking goods across industries!

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