These 26 thoughts about NFC tags will turn your world upside down
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These 26 thoughts about NFC tags will turn your world upside down

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NFC tags are taking over the market. Near Field Communication (NFC) is no longer a novelty. People use it for cashless transactions at checkout, of course.  NFC has many other uses you don't know about.  Here are some ideas you can use to take advantage of this amazing technology.

Invitations to the wedding

RSVP wedding cards use NFC instead of traditional wedding invitations. The tag can contain data that can be embedded into a card. People will definitely be "wowed" by your special and unique wedding invitation.

2. Handbags with anti-theft features

NFC tags are commonly used in anti-theft handbags. NFC technology is used in designer handbags like Choklat. With a single touch, owners can identify their bags. Owners can track the bag's journey if it's stolen using the journey log.

NFC tags aren't just used on bags. In addition to shoes, clothes, and antiques, you can use it for other expensive items.You can recover these items if they are stolen with the additional protection and anti-functionality.

3. Passports with NFC

VIPs usually carry NFC passports for ease of passage. To make a mobile phone act like a passport, an NFC passport can be embedded behind it.

Consequently, VIPs with smart passports can benefit from priority security checks and enter terminals more quickly.There is no doubt that NFC enhances the consumer experience.

The key fob

A keyfob is a special NFC tag that can be used as a remote control. Using your smart home, you can turn on the lights, control the temperature, and close the blinds without touching them.

You can program keyfobs to perform routine tasks, such as turning on your phone's navigation. Convenience and ease are provided by them.

5. Bluetooth speakers with NFC tags

You can eliminate Bluetooth hassles by using NFC tags. Imagine slipping into the couch after a long day of work and turning on the music right away. It still takes at least 2-5 minutes to turn on Bluetooth and connect it to your speaker.

You only need to place your NFC mobile phone on top of the sticker if your speaker is equipped with an NFC tag.  Relax and enjoy great music with just one tap.

Connectivity via Wi-Fi

Restaurant owners should take advantage of NFC tags. Whether you own a coffee shop or a club, guests will certainly ask for WIFI access. Would you still repeat the password many times?

Not anymore, thanks to NFC tags. With an NFC tag on each table, guests can tap to automatically connect to Wi-Fi.You don't just serve the best food in town anymore. In terms of convenience, you're number one.

The anti-face brand protection system

There are many copycats circulating online today. Clothing, accessories, bags, and even food fall into this category.  It is the rampant issue of fake and dangerous food that concerns us most.

Manufacturers can reduce this by using NFC fragile labels.  In the wine industry, these are commonly used. The NFC sticker is usually attached to the wine bottle. NFC tags are semiconductors that contain unique identification numbers for each bottle of wine.

 The NFC tag can be scanned by customers with smartphones. By doing this, they are able to see unique information about the wine they are buying and can be confident that they are buying an original product.

Wristbands with NFC

Events are ideal for NFC wristbands. Paper tickets are no longer sold by event sponsors. It is so easy to do everything nowadays thanks to NFC wristbands. With it, people don't have to wait in line at the entrance and admission is faster.

By using NFC tags, guests only need to scan their wristbands.  In addition, event sponsors can collect customer data for future market studies.

Navigation for tourists

In scenic spots, NFC tags can be embedded. It allows visitors who aren't familiar with the place's history to learn about it by scanning the code.

With NFC tags, hosts can also encode more information about accommodation and restaurants. There is no need to keep talking. Just tap and read for guests.

Tracking your pet

A pet ID tag can be worn around the neck of a pet by its owner. The tag contains a QR and NFC chip that stores your personal information as well as that of your dog.

If your dog is lost, anyone with a smartphone can scan it. Your information makes it easy for them to know where and how to return the pet.

In addition, if you need to leave your pet at a boarding house for some days, you can verify that it is the right pet when you return.

Cooks' digital bookmark

Are you a great cook? When it comes to cooking, do you always forget steps? NFC tags can be useful if you forget some steps and want to search for a specific recipe on the internet but aren't sure which website to refer to.

The NFC tag can be encoded with a digital bookmark and stuck in your kitchen. You can scan it and all your recipes will appear. Self-managing a cafe or restaurant can be useful, especially if you are self-employed.

Make sure the alarm is set

I know it's hard to get up in the morning, but you are going to be late for work.  Create an NFC sticker and place it far away from the bed to solve this problem.

You must touch your phone when the alarm goes off. If you don't get up again, your phone will keep ringing.

13. Organizing things with NFC

Are you constantly forgetting things?  When we have a lot on our minds, we tend to forget things. You can solve this problem by using NFC tags.

You stack baby clothes, for example. NFC stickers can be used to encode unique information on each box. The next time you need the items inside these boxes, just scan the code. Your phone will then display the information you need.

14. Save your phone's battery

It is easy for your smartphone battery to drain.  NFC tags, however, can help it last longer. Stick an NFC sticker on the head of the bed or backpack.

You can put your phone on top of it when you are asleep. In order to save your battery, the NFC tag will turn off unused applications.

Meetings in silent mode

Using NFC tags, companies can automate silent mode in employees' cell phones whenever there is a meeting. You can, for instance, stick it on your conference room door.

When employees tap their phones on the sticker before entering, their phones are automatically set to silent mode. As a result, you will be able to conduct your meeting in silence.

Management of laundry

When washing clothing, different materials require different types of care. Do you want to know everything about it?

The care requirements for different types of clothing can be difficult to remember if you work in the laundry business.  It is possible, however, to leave all the work to the NFC laundry tag.

You can use NFC tags for laundry in a variety of ways. To find out how to care for different clothing, you can stick it in them.  You can also use it to identify which laundry belongs to which owner.

Poster 17. NFC

Since 2012, NFC posters have been a popular NFC tag.  You can scan RFID stickers on posters with your phone if they have them. You will then see the songs and stories your phone has selected for you.

Despite the fact that traditional posters are still useful today, NFC posters offer businessmen more advantages. In addition to being very unique and interesting to viewers, it is also a great marketing tool.

Ring with smart technology

When you own an NFC ring, you've reached the future. The stylish ring is a versatile accessory that can be used for a variety of purposes. The card can be used to gain access to terminals, pay for shopping, or open doors remotely.

This is due to the NFC tag embedded inside the ring. What does it do? In most cases, NFC tags contain matching codes with your personal information. For example, if you're paying at checkout, you can scan your ring instead of your phone.

The NFC tag will eventually send information to your bank and process the payment itself using wireless technology.Using NFC tags, you can successfully pay for your transaction since they are uniquely programmed to work only for you while recording other security considerations.

19. Timing of the motion

Athletes in marathons typically wear NFC wristbands. Throughout the journey, it records time, steps, and motion.Information can be uploaded easily to the website and bulletin boards this way.

Smart wristbands can also be used to record your daily movements. Suppose you are training for a marathon and want to keep track of your daily steps. Wearing a smartwatch is possible. You can monitor your training progress with the help of an NFC tag on this smartwatch.

On your phone, you can set up a quick dial

Your phone may sometimes have trouble finding a contact. Put an RFID sticker in the corner of your desk. Tap your phone on the sticker to call an important person. That's it! You will see your contact automatically.

Set a timer in the kitchen

When you are too busy, you tend to multi-task. During cooking, you might also want to disinfect the house.  You can use an NFC tag in the kitchen to activate the timer in this case. You can start the timer right away by tapping your phone on the tag. As a result, you can do other things until the timer rings again.

Track your car's mileage

Using an NFC tag, MyLog lets you track your car mileage through your phone. Reports and trip evaluations are created for easy viewing. This functionality may be used on a personal level. Especially if you run a car rental business, it is also very useful.

23. Start your PC automatically with your smartphone

 By simply tapping your phone, you can turn on your computer. Wake on LAN can be enabled on your computer. Stick an NFC tag on the monitor. When you wave your phone in front of the NFC sticker, your computer will automatically turn on.

A. Loyalty Cards

Businesses can offer personalized discounts and track customer preferences using NFC loyalty cards. It can be used to understand customer buying schedules. By doing so, you will be able to make better offers and increase customer satisfaction.

Downloading is faster

You've developed a new mobile application, right? NFC tags can help you sell your product faster. Offline promotions can be carried out with NFC tags. An NFC tag can be added to the download URL. By scanning the sticker, shoppers will be able to download right away. Searching and downloading are no longer necessary.

Toys that are smart

The days of boring toys are long gone. Now, you can program toys to play specific music using NFC tags. You can play music whenever your child chooses a toy by tapping your phone on the tag.

 Here are some cool uses for NFC tags

NFC tags offer endless possibilities. Someday you might be able to implant chips in your body and automate your life.

There is still a chance that the most bizarre things will become reality.  Tune in for more information about NFC tags and how they can simplify your life.

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