RFID key fobs: What are they and how do they work?
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RFID key fobs: What are they and how do they work?

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RFID key fobs are probably something you've heard about. We are the right place to learn about it if it is your first time hearing about it. Key fobs are a simple way for businesses to manage entry into their establishments.

Small enough to attach to a keychain, a key fob is a physical device. A door is opened or unlocked electronically by this device. The product was first introduced to the market in 1983. Throughout the years, technological development has improved its capabilities.

Car doors were opened with RFID key fobs in the beginning. Line-of-sight communication and infrared communication are used. However, counterfeiting is a major problem. Its security system has improved over time. RFID tags provide the system with its functionality. It receives data using radio frequency signals, unlike the older system. Copies and manipulations are difficult.

How do RFID key fobs work?

RFID key fobs contain RFID tags. In order to track data on tags, electromagnetic fields are used. The tags are usually used to store information. With a key fob, you simply need to place the fob in front of the reader to open the door. The reader will identify each key fob based on its microchip. When you present the correct key fob to the reader, the door will automatically open.

Hotels and other establishments use key fobs to secure their doors. It is possible to reprogram one key fob to open all doors, however. It is called a master key fob. A management member can still enter the room if a customer loses his key fob.

RFID Key Fob vs. Proximity Key

Fobs that allow keyless entry are called proximity keys. A key fob uses RFID technology to transmit data and gain access. However, it is not necessary to wave it in front of a reader. You can still unlock a door with a proximity key even if you are inside your bag or pocket.

A RFID key fob, however, needs to be waved in front of a reader. A proximity key is fundamentally used for a card. Access control systems are slowly adopting them, however.

Top Reasons to Use Key Fobs

There is no surprise that many establishments use key fobs. Security is tightened and some complicated tasks are simplified by the technology. For your business, RFID key fobs may be a great solution. Here are some reasons why.

Key fobs are easy to use and manage. Operating it is a piece of cake. As a business, it eliminates the hassle of manually checking security. It is not necessary to manually hand out keys if you run a hotel, for example. Copies of manual keys are easy to find. Thieves and robbers target businesses because of it. Customers are more likely to be satisfied and access is easier with key fobs. In addition to being quite modern, it is also more convenient for hotel owners.

A tighter security system - Key fobs function like traditional keys. However, they provide additional security and convenience. Tracking which customers are in which rooms is possible for businesses. You can deactivate the key fob to deny someone entry to the room. Additionally, it provides greater security for your entire building. Take the case of a company, for instance. It is possible to reprogram key fobs so that only employees are able to enter the building. In addition, you can control who is allowed to enter which door at what time. Access to a warehouse, for example, can be restricted to employees during their designated working hours. The best advantage is that it helps you keep track of entries and exits. Staff attendance can be tracked and monitored with it.

A RFID-blocking sleeve can be attached to key fobs to prevent them from being hacked. Data on your key fob is protected from hackers by this method. In addition, you can switch to a non-broadcast system. This creates a challenge-response approach or a rolling code that blocks hackers' readers. Hackers are prevented from accessing prime data when it automatically runs some codes.

In contrast to traditional keys, key fobs are difficult to counterfeit. In the microchip of an RFID key fob, codes and programs are stored. Your card is unlikely to be accessed by hackers. Your key fob can, for instance, be equipped with two-factor authentication. You can upgrade your business's digital security by doing this.

The cost of key fobs can be high. They are a small investment, but a good one for protecting bigger ones. If your business's security is weak, hackers could easily target it. Your business can lose expensive items when hackers breach security. Losing anything is not an option.

Who can Use RFID Key Fobs?

Key fobs with RFID technology are ideal for apartment complexes and gated communities. You can restrict access to authorized individuals with a key fob. Key fobs can also be used to grant tenants access to common areas. Gates, pools, and storage facilities can all be included. To check tenants' privileges, security guards do not need to get close to them.

Your business can benefit from RFID key fobs. In addition to simplifying security checks and promoting client independence, it simplifies the security process. Individual residences can also be accessed by reprogramming fobs.

In this way, tenants can grant keys to cleaning crews, dog walkers, and babysitters without worrying about them being copied.

It is also possible to use RFID key fobs in a business setting. The device adds security and can block stolen or lost key fobs immediately. It can also be used to block terminated employees. Reprogramming fobs and changing access codes are routinely done by some businesses. Commercial security systems can also integrate fobs. As well as providing easy tracking for employees, this provides other benefits. Keeping track of entries and exits is made easier with it. We can help you program key fobs for your business.

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