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RFID Card Blocker: How it Works

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Your RFID cards are protected from thieves skimming your data with RFID card blockers. The blockers offer a cover that prevents RFID readers from capturing the signals produced by RFID cards.

Blockers are made from materials that are poor magnetic conductors. By blocking RFID waves, criminals cannot read the cards.

What is RFID skimming? What is the process? To prevent card skimming, why is it necessary to use RFIC card blockers?

There are a number of comprehensive answers to these questions in this article if these are some of the questions you are wondering about.

RFID Card Skimming: What is it?

RFID card skimming involves obtaining data from cardholders without their knowledge through technology. Due to the fact that criminals can get your information from an RFID card inside your pocket or handbag, this phenomenon is also referred to as digital pickpocketing!

Digital pickpockets use RFID card readers to steal your credit or debit card details within seconds. They can obtain the data from more than 10 feet away, which is even more disturbing.

How does RFID card skimming work? Does it pose a significant security risk?

There is no doubt that RFID card skimming poses a security threat. RFID card cloning has led to data breaches in many organizations worldwide. As technology advances, data theft becomes more sophisticated.

In order to enhance the security of cardholder data, organizations are adopting data encryption technology and RFID card blockers.

We have prepared a breakdown of what happens when criminals skim data from RFID cards. Here's how they do it:

  1. RFID readers and scanners are acquired by criminals

A RFID chip embedded in RFID cards stores all the information about the cardholder. A criminal can use this data for criminal purposes if they get access to it.

An RFID reader/scanner releases electromagnetic waves that excite the RFID card, releasing data.

Criminals can insert illegal card readers inside ATMs to collect your data and your secret password or PIN if they want to skim your credit/debit card data.

  1. Clone RFID cards

As soon as the data is released, they will collect it and copy it onto a blank RFID card. The clone cards work exactly like the originals.

  1. Criminal use of clone cards

Criminals can use cloned cards to withdraw money from your accounts and make online payments once they have made them.

Additionally, these criminals can sell the data to other criminals for fraudulent purposes.

RFID Card Blockers: Why You Need Them

RFID card blockers protect your data when you use RFID-enabled cards.

Materials used in these card blockers block radio waves from RFID readers. Therefore, RFID readers cannot collect the data unless you remove the card from the blocker first.

There are different types of RFID card blockers. RFID blocking wallets and sleeves are some of the most commonly used RFID blockers.

RFID Card Blockers Types

  1. Wallets that block RFID signals

An RFID blocking wallet is the best way to protect many RFID cards from electronic fraudsters. An aluminum case or other RFID-blocking material is used in these wallets.

Different shapes and sizes are available. RFID blocking modifications do not compromise design in any way. Several design options will be available to you.

  1. Sleeves with RFID technology

The sleeves are small enough to fit in any wallet. Different materials are used for different purposes. RFID sleeves are commonly found in the following types:

  • PET RFID blocking sleeve. A PET material and aluminum foil are used in these sleeves to block all radio waves from RFID readers. Due to the PET construction, the sleeves are anti-demagnetization and waterproof. By doing this, you can be sure that the cards will remain durable no matter what environment they are in. Furthermore, the sleeves come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs; they are also affordable.

  • Blocking RFID paper with a sleeve. Designed to block RFID signals, these sleeves are made of paper material with a metallic interior. They are anti-demagnetization and waterproof.

Your choice depends on your preferences. Make sure the RFID sleeve you choose meets your needs. Getting the best deal is easier when your RFID dealer customizes it for you.

  1. A Faraday cage or a Faraday shield

An RFID-enabled box encloses all your RFID-enabled items. It prevents RFID readers from skimming your cards by blocking electromagnetic fields. On the exterior, they are made of different materials, and on the interior, they are lined with several layers of RFID blocking material.

If you use keyless fobs for your car, you need a Faraday box. RFID chips in the fobs transmit radio signals. As soon as your car detects the signals, all the doors will unlock. The keyless ignition also works in a similar manner.

Using RFID relay boosters, criminals can pick up your key fob's signals and fool your car into thinking it's nearby.Therefore, thieves will be able to access your car and steal it. They will also steal your car if it has a keyless ignition system.

Keyless fobs stored in a Faraday box, however, will not transmit RFID signals outside. Thus, the criminals will not be able to amplify the signals, and your car will be protected.

  1. Cards that block RFID signals

Shielding modules are integrated between PET films and covering materials (PVC, PET, or ABS). All RFID cards become invisible to nearby RFID readers by creating an electromagnetic field around them.

With one RFID blocking card in your wallet, all your RFID cards will be protected from RFID skimming. The blocking frequency of most cards is 13.56 MHz.

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