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NFC Tag Programming - Android and iOS

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In order to maximize the benefits of NFC, you need to learn how to program NFC tags. By the end of this article, you'll be able to program NFC without much hassle!

But first things first: where do you buy NFC tags, and what are they?

NFC tags: what are they?

Near Field Communication is also known as NFC. When two NFC-enabled devices are close (usually 4 inches apart), information can be exchanged.

NFC tags are essential if you want to take advantage of technology. The tags contain a microchip that stores data. This tag can be programmed by writing data on a blank NFC tag.

Would you like to know where you can get the tags? Both online and offline stores sell these tags. Order it online, and you'll have it within a few days! As we move forward, let's look at how to program the tags.

NFC tag programming: how does it work?

NFC is one of the most useful features on Android and iOS phones. You must, however, write on your NFC tags to reap the benefits. How does NFC tag programming work?

An NFC tag is used to perform specific tasks you desire. By programming the tag, you can share Wi-Fi passwords quickly, switch on/off your lights, and identify counterfeit goods.

Additionally, tag programming allows you to delete or update data on tags. As a result, your tags will always have current data, which makes them highly flexible.

NFC Programming Requirements - What You'll Need

To program your NFC tags successfully, you need to meet certain requirements. The following are required:

  • An NFC tag that is blank. Your data will be stored on this chip. Online stores sell them at an affordable price.

  • A device that is NFC-compatible. NFC technology has been incorporated into modern Android/iOS devices.You can check whether your phone is NFC-compatible by going to Settings>Wireless and Networks>More. You will find the option if your phone is enabled. In the absence of this option, your phone is not NFC-enabled.

  • An application for programming NFC tags. NFC tags can be written using a variety of apps. The majority of them are free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. NFC Android Apps: 1. NFC TagWriter by NXP, 2. There are NFC tools available. Apps for NFC (iPhone and iPad): 1. NFC Tools, 2. NFC TagWriter by NXP, 3. Smart NFC.

You should be able to write your NFC tag android/iOS within five minutes if you have all these requirements.

Android NFC Programming

In order to program an NFC tag, you need to write commands that will enable you to perform various activities with the tag. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

The preparation for writing the NFC tag

  • Activate NFC on your Android device. You can turn on your NFC by going to settings>Bluetooth & Connections> Connection Preferences> NFC> Toggle and clicking on it. NFC settings may be found under the "Network and Sharing" option on some devices (the location may vary).

  • A NFC tag writing application should be installed. You should visit the Google Play Store after turning on your NFC and install your ideal NFC tag writer app. In this article, we will use NFC Writer by Trigger, one of the most commonly used apps.

  • Start the Trigger App. When the installation is complete, you'll be prompted to launch it. The app will open, allowing you to continue writing tags. The (+) sign is located at the extreme bottom right of your phone's screen.The action will create a new task, which is the first step in writing the NFC tag.

The NFC Tag Writer Application (NFC Tools) must be programmed

  • Choose NFC Write in NFC Tools APP since you want to act on the tag.

  • If you add a record, you will see a number of options for what to write in your tags. As an example, let's enter a URL by selecting the URL/URI option.

  • Please select the protocol "https://" and fill in the URL you want to write: Click OK to confirm.

  • Choose Write from the Write menu.

  • Place the prepared NFC tag on the phone's NFC chip location, then you have successfully written the URL to the NFC tag.

  • You can also erase tags and do more than just write. With this interface, you can erase tag, lock tag, copy tag, set password, remove password, and perform other operations. In any case, it is a very convenient and simple method.

  • In this interface, you can add preset tasks. There are many task options available, so you can choose what you want. It's very simple, you just follow the prompts to download NFC Tasks APP.

  • To experience the charm of NFC technology, read a tag, then put your phone near the tag.

  • It is convenient to read tag details, such as the tag type, serial number, size, memory information, data format, etc., by scanning the tag.

iPhone NFC programming

Follow these simple guidelines to automate your iPhone with NFC tags.

iPhone NFC Tag Writing - Requirements

  • iPhone 7 or newer

  • A newer version of iOS is required

  • NFC tag that is blank

  • App for writing NFC tags

Install an NFC tag writing app from the Apple Store first. Use NFC Tools or NXP's NFC writer. We will use NFC Tools in this guide.

  • Open the NFC tool application after installation. Select WRITE when prompted. You can click on it.

  • You'll be prompted to create a record on the next screen. Enter the NFC tag data by clicking on it.

  • You can add your record here. Depending on your needs, you can add a variety of records. You can store information in your NFC tag such as a website's URL, a command (If the Wi-Fi is off/turn it on, otherwise, turn it off), or any other information you want.

  • Verify your data. It's time to write your NFC tag once you've included all the information you need.

  • The NFC tag needs to be prepared. Once you confirm, place your blank NFC tag on the iPhone's NFC chip. Then click on WRITE.

  • The process has been completed! If your writing was successful, you'll receive a prompt.

After completing the process, you'll be able to scan the NFC tag using your NFC-enabled iPhone and execute actions easily.

Place the NFC tag in an easily accessible location for convenience. A tag to start your desktop, for example, should be placed on your desk, and a tag to turn on/off lights should be placed near the exit.

In addition, every activity you want to automate will require a blank NFC tag.

Using the iPhone, you can erase NFC tags

If you no longer need to automate an activity, you can delete the information and write different details in its place. As a result of this flexibility, NFC is economical and convenient to use.

From the main menu, select ERASE TAG to erase an NFC tag. When you access the tab, place the NFC tag in the same location as when you wrote it.

When the tag is in the correct location (NFC chip location), press ERASE TAG. This will prompt you that the erasing process was successful.

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