How does the NDEF format work?
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How does the NDEF format work?

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A smartphone can write or read data on an NFC card or tag using the NDEF standardized data format. NDEF files can be used to store URLs, text documents, or electronic business cards. The MiFare® NTAG® and DesFire® chips can be configured together with NDEF. There may be one or more so-called NDEF records saved on it, and everyone may have their own endeavor.

When it comes to peer-to-peer information exchange, Near Field Communication (NFC) shines. Any information exchange requires both devices to agree on the best method. Take a human perspective on it. Almost any communication, even between NFC-enabled devices, follows the same rules. A standardized communication system is needed between the two devices.

What are Ndef messages in Ndef format?

By using an NFC device, NDEF messages provide a standardized method of getting a reader to speak. As revealed, the NDEF message contains multiple documents. If you work with proprietary tags as well as standardized tags, you will use the NDEF format. NDEF is the same message format for all five label types supported by the NFC standard. Records ID, duration, and kind are included in the header for your reader.

Purpose of NDEF record

There is quite a bit of information in the NDEF record, which you are interested in. In the first eight info or messages, flags specify how to translate the remaining data. In accordance with how these flags are set, you can use different resources to discover exactly what the document needs to say. This section provides you with a handy summary of how to get through this task without having to rely on a program.

How to Read data on NFC tag

It describes the Android frame APIs that support these attributes and explains how to send and receive NDEF messages. The tag dispatch system is used to read NDEF information from NFC labels. The system examines discovered NFC tags, categorizes the data, and starts an application that considers the classified data. Data can be taken care of by an application that announces a goal filter and asks to deal with NFC labels.

When two Android BeamTM devices are tapped together, an NDEF message is sent to the second device. NFC makes sending information much easier than other wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, since it does not require manual pairing or device discovery. An Android Beam app can transmit data between devices through a set of NFC APIs. Android Beam is used by the Contacts, Browser, and YouTube applications to share contacts, webpages, videos, and other devices.

How are Ndef records used to store the data?

On an NFC card or label, different NDEF records could be saved. Depending on the memory size of this processor, information may be saved between 48 bytes and 8 kilobits. NFC cards and NDEF messages are used for this purpose.

Can you program a Mifare classic to NDEF format?

NFC tags such as Mifare Classic cards may be configured as NDEF tags, allowing data to be written to them by a single NFC device. The NDEF compatible devices know about it and can access it. NFC Forum harmonious NDEF tags can be configured for Mifare Classic 1K and 4K cards. In order to accomplish this, they need to be organized differently. According to the following App Notice from NXP, Mifare Classic cards must be "NFC Forum compliant".

In addition to the Program Note above, these notes might also offer a quick overview of the key concepts involved in using Mifare Classic cards since NFC Forum harmonious'NDEF' tags became available. A Mifare Classic card uses the Mifare Application Directory arrangement in order to link its sector-based memory with individual NDEF files. Based on the MAD, it is possible to determine which business comprises which NDEF record. Your following program note is the definitive source of advice on the Mifare Application Directory.

What is NFC Ndef format?

The Near-Field-Communication (NFC) technology is not new. As a result of Covid 19, contactless NFC usage has spiked, as seen in the recent trend of payment apps such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. By using QR codes, this is possible. There has been a lot of progress.


There is some kind of record in every NDEF record. There are times when it's called a Payload type, other times when it's called a Record kind, and other times it's just a kind. The kind name structure categorizes the kinds broadly into two locations and explains how they can be interpreted. Most of the work has been done with only three kinds of NDEF messages: Well-Known, MIME press, and External.

Well-Known TNF includes valuable definitions for document types, including text messages, URIs, Smart Posters, and the numerous carriers needed for peer-reviewed handovers. Documents such as the Android Program Record can be formatted using External TNF. An NDEF message is the payload of a Smart Poster document, as explained in Composing Different Record Types.

It is preferable to practice NDEF messages that utilize numerous documents instead of making this redundant for many programs. NDEF messages can be used in several ways to achieve the same ends. Messages are obtained in accordance with the operating procedure of the system receiving them.

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